If you want to have your own DOCEBO game, write about this using email address indicated in Contact (be sure to provide your full name and shipping address).

no. 1!

Anyone who financially supports the idea of DOCEBO (39.00 PLN + 9PLN shipping cost) and likes our profile on Facebook (in September and October) – will receive a 1 copy of the game.


no. 2!

If you are a holder of the DOCEBO game and recommend it to ten people who financially support the idea of implementation of this game and write to us that they decide to join a group of sympathizers of DOCEBO, thanks to your command, then you will receive a second copy of the game – it will cost you nothing. We cover even the shipping cost. What is more, the person who will write to us that he wants the game with your command and support us financially will receive a discount of 5PLN.