All of the rules from „STACK” and „STOP-SHOW” variants apply. Additionally, during the game any player may say the word „DOCEBO”. This means that the player that has just laid his card in the middle of the table should teach others, explain the meaning of the named symbol – what is its function, who uses it or who is the person in the picture. If he/she doesn’t know, he/she takes 3 cards from the stack. The player that has said the word „docebo” must use the website to find information about the symbol and tell it or read it out to other players. If he/she doesn’t do it, they have to take 3 cards from the stack. For advanced players, the person saying the word „docebo”, must say the information about the symbol without using the website.

If there is a game master, it should be his responsibility (including saying the word “docebo” – the frequency of verifying players’ knowledge is best determined by drawing six additional cards with descriptions, containing big numbers specifying after which player’s turn the word “docebo” should be used).

The game ends when one of the players gets rid of all of his cards or until only one player has any cards left.