Deal all the cards to the participants of the game. Place the last card in the middle of the table, face-down (so that nine symbols are visible). On mark all participants flip one of their cards so that 9 symbols are visible, and look for the symbol that is common with the card lying on the middle of the table (one or two symbols may be common, it’s enough to find just one). Then the first contestant to find the common symbol says its name and places his card on the card lying in the middle of the table. Now every participant looks for a symbol that is common with the new card lying on top. The first one to find the symbol appearing on the card in the middle of the table and his card lays on top of the stack in the middle, calling out the found symbol.
If it turns out that a participant has found the right symbol on his card, but could not name it correctly, he lays his card on the stack and says the word „HELP”. The first participant to name this recurring symbol, may as a reward, lay his card on the stack, calling out the symbol common with his card. „HELP” may be used only 1-3 times during every game (this has to be specified at the start of the game). When the participants know the symbols well enough they can choose not to use this option.
With a greater number of players it is a good idea to choose a game master that will watch over the course of the game and the honesty of players, making sure that the symbol called out really appears on the player’s card and the card lying on the table.