The Latin word docere is translated as: teach, explain, clarify, give teachings.

DOCEBO (future imperfect tense of the word docere) would be translated as: (I) will teach, will explain, will give teachings (implicitly, to myself or others).

Why did we use the future imperfect tense of the word „docere”?

While playing „DOCEBO” we can constantly keep learning. You could easily say that with this game the learning never ends. Once you have learned all of the words that are on the cards, you can find the descriptions of specific concepts on the website ( and further develop your religious knowledge. Then you can revise this knowledge and finally start sharing it with others.

What is DOCEBO?

Docebo is a religious education game developing perceptiveness and reflex. First of all, it is a game during which you will learn the basic concepts associated with Catholicism. It’s rules help develop an important positive traits – honesty.

Docebo consists of 85 symbols on 85 cards, 9 symbols on each card. There are one more the same symbols between any two play cards. Your task is to find one of them…

One thing that has changed during the development of the game idea is the booklet with descriptions of symbols. We have decided to leave it out, and instead to associate the game with a website, allowing us to provide more information about every item depicted in the game.

What if you have never played before?

If you have never played Docebo before or you are playing with people that have not, deal all cards to the participants of the game. Then (ask them to flip their cards in such a way that only one symbol is visible on each card (back of the card). Now each participant familiarizes himself with pictures and signatures (names of items that the players will be naming during the game). Then you give your portion of the cards to the participant to your right and familiarize yourself with the symbols again. You repeat this until the cards from the beginning of the game return to your hand.

Now lay down any card from your portion of the cards and ask the player to your left to do the same – put your cards next to each other face up, so that 9 symbols can be seen. Together with the other participants find one or two symbols that appear on both cards. Show them to all participants. Every game will be about finding and naming the recurring symbols.

After familiarizing ourselves with the symbols we describe or read out the rules of the game – we choose any of the variants – 00.